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SRF was founded in 1999 by Dr Elaine Arnold and a group of African-Caribbean women

who had experienced broken attachments as children through the loss of parents emigrating to the UK.


 The organisation has worked mainly with people of African-Caribbean origin. However, as the phenomenon of broken attachments and traumatic reunions is applicable to other groups in society, SRF has expanded its remit. We now aim to help those who, through various circumstances, have suffered separation and loss. These circumstances may include separation through fostering/adoption, residential care, bereavement, family breakdown, boarding school and refugee/asylum status.


The work of SRF is influenced by principles and concepts of Attachment Theory as pioneered by John Bowlby (1909-90) and other developmental psychologists. Our work is inclusive, valuing diversity. We aim to educate through workshops, seminars, conferences, mentoring and consultations. SRF utilizes different psychotherapeutic and counselling approaches. We welcome people from all backgrounds who have suffered loss.

Dr Elaine Arnold

Elaine Arnold, MPhil, PhD., taught social work students (MSW courses) at Goldsmiths College, and Sussex University. She was a founder member and Director of Training at Nafsiyat (Intercultural Therapy Centre). She researched the adverse effects of separation and loss and sometimes traumatic reunions due to immigration from the West Indies to Britain among some families of African Caribbean origin.

Dr Arnold is Director of Supporting Relationships and Families (SRF), formerly known as Separation and Reunion Forum. The aim of the organisation is to raise awareness of the importance of secure early attachment in the life of the individual. The phenomenon of broken attachments and traumatic reunions is applicable to other groups in society and to children separated through various circumstances. Her
interest in attachment issues and separation was first sparked in the late 1940s when teaching at a school within a children’s home in Trinidad and Tobago.

Elaine currently lectures at various colleges and voluntary groups on the Theory of Attachment, Separation and Loss and its applicability to practice in the caring professions.

Supporting Relationships and Families

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