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Useful Books



The Routledge Handbook of Attachment: Implications and Interventions

Eds Paul Holmes and Steve Farnfield


Offers an introduction to therapies produced as a result of the popularity of attachment studies.












Working with Families of African Caribbean Origin:

Understanding Issues around Immigration and Attachment

by Elaine Arnold (Author), Gill Gorell Barnes (Foreword) Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2012


In this book, Elaine Arnold examines the psychological impact that immigration had on families,

in particular with relation to attachment issues.


Interview with Dr Elaine Arnold about her book.








Transcending the Legacies of Slavery

by Barbara Fletchman Smith Karnac Publishers 2011


This book explores the circularity of the trauma of slavery and how even today black people,

and black men in particular, struggle with its after-effects through successive generations.


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