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Past Seminars


Working with Adult Attachment Styles




Systemic Thinking


Attachment Theory Across Generations


Mindfulness: Cultivating Presence, Resilience, Joy and Resourcefulness and Legacies of Loss


Legacies of Loss: Broken Attachments – Healing Families


Attachment Patterns: The Influence of these in Building Identity, Self-Esteem and Resilience


Identity, Life Purpose and Destiny


Mental Health “Let’s Talk About It”


Therapeutic Work with Children and Families Who Have Experienced Domestic Violence



Past Conferences


18th Annual Conference:

Sport and Attachment


17th Annual Conference:

The Health Challenges of Older People: Issues of Attachment


SRF 16th Annual Conference - Friday 27th November 2015

Children Separated through Bereavement: Attachment Issues


SRF 15th Annual Conference - Friday 28th  November 2014

Abuse of Children: Attachment Issues


SRF 14th Annual Conference - Friday 29th November 2013

Children's Rights: Attachment Issues


SRF 13th Annual Conference - Friday 23 November 2012

Domestic Violence: The impact on Attachment Relationships in Families


SRF 12th Annual Conference - Friday 25 November 2011

The Impact of Imprisonment on Parents and Children: Exploring Attachment, Separation and Loss


SRF 11th Annual Conference - Friday 26 November 2010

in collaboration with London Metropolitan University

Demystifying Mental Illness


SRF 10th Annual Conference - Saturday 28 November 2009

in collaboration with London Metropolitan University

Parents and their Relationships with Institutions: What Works to Meet the Needs of Children



Supporting Relationships and Families

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